Facilities at Programmer School

Administration Block
The administration block is especially designed as a centralized hub to facilitate students, parents and visitors.

Classrooms are spacious, airy and bright, designed according to the needs of students' comfort with proper furniture.

We are heading towards an era of science, technology and biotechnical education etc. For which we have designed separate and fully equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Computer Lab
Today's generation can be well regarded as a "hi-tech generation”, opening their eyes in the world controlled and monitored by technology. We can easily say "they dream and live in technology".

Children are like blank canvasses where coloring needs to be done well. Books are the medium of enlightening our minds and building the strength of character among us.

A large playground for students' sports and recreation.

A cafeteria offers good, hygienic and healthy food for the students and staff to meet their daily nutritional requirements. A tuck shop is also available to cater to their immediate needs.

Book Shop
A book shop to meet all requirements of students, such as all curriculum books, notebooks and stationery items. The school is also equipped with an industrial grade generator which has the capacity to cover the school's maximum energy requirements.

We have highly qualified, well-trained, hard working, caring, well-behaved and motivated staff.

Transportation Facility
Transportation facility is also available.

*** Dear Parents, please collect fee voucher from Programmer School during 8:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m and deposit the fee by due date. Your cooperation in this regard will be much appreciated.

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