About Programmer School

The Educational Pyramid of School
The emergence of Programmer School on the educational scene lies back in 1981 but its achievements are phenomenal. The management of PS emphasizes upon the grooming of generations within a conducive environment and inculcates in them sterling qualities of character and leadership.
Our students not only excelled in-house but have earned good reputation in their higher education fields as well. PS record of achievements speaks volumes of excellent contributions made by its students in different walks of life. Programmer School, however, does not want to rest on its achievements and therefore strives hard for further academic, co-circular and ethical excellence.

Our Vision
In partnership with parents, the community and with the belief that all children are capable to succeed. We, the teachers and staff at Programmer School are committed to foster full academic potential, build self-esteem and empower each child to become a responsible, respectful and contributing citizen.

Our Mission
'Steadfast in faith' we aim to rise above the ordinary by developing education which can transform lives and communities. Inspired by our faith in Allah SWT and together with our parents, society and communities, we aim for each student to reach his/her full potential in body, mind, heart and spirit.

Aims & Objectives
1. To create an atmosphere of trust and mutual support in which all children can develop intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially, morally and spiritually as individuals or as members of the community.
2. To equip all children with skills and knowledge enabling them to enjoy their childhood, be happy and confident individuals to achieve their full potential and to serve as a foundation for further development.
3. To build the Nation according to the ideology of Islam and Pakistan.
4. Self-confidence and faith in Allah SWT.
5. Academic excellence.
6. Communication and social skills along with analytical abilities.
7. To provide ideal education to the students in the core academic areas such as Language, Science, Mathematics, Islamic Studies, Social Studies and Art.
8. To impart an all-rounded education including academic and extracurricular activities to the children to enable them to equip themselves with qualities which are most needed in their life ahead.

This Campus
1. The System of Education is Cambridge System (O level based).
2. In the beginning, the classes will be from playgroup to Class-II, however it will be upgraded to secondary level gradually.

The campus is spread over 4000 sq yards and it has been designed to facilitate the students as well as staff members for academic and extracurricular requirements with an ideal environment. Building is designed by renowned architects of the city. There are three blocks, each of them consists of ground + two floors.

*** Dear Parents, please collect fee voucher from Programmer School during 8:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m and deposit the fee by due date. Your cooperation in this regard will be much appreciated.

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